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Third District Christian Education Department 

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Third District Lay Organization

President Lenora Brogdan

SSB - Sharon Banks

Sharon Smith Banks

3rd District WMS President



“We are called to strengthen our faith and sent to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ by service and witness in the world.”

Our working theme is “Sharing Every Resource: Valuing Everyone” – SERVE. The scriptural text is, “…the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped, when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love”. Ephesians 4:16
• “Out of many, one” – As missionaries, we are many [Life Members, Senior Missionaries, Young Adult Missionaries], but we work together as ONE.
• Unity in the body of Christ – Are we not the body of Christ? Are we not united? The answer is yes; we are servants of the Most High!
• Sharing together – We are to serve together as One (i.e., intergenerational – seniors and the young adults. [We are better together!])
We must continue to value each other. None of us is greater than the other; no conference is greater than the other; no church is greater than the other and no person is greater than the other. At the end of the day, we are ONE as a District.
Our goals will be:
 To revitalize ourselves
 Plan a self-care event (i.e., dealing with COVID and mental health)
 To reset
 Looking at our membership (i.e., recruitment, reclamation & retention)
 To increase revenues
 Developing a non-profit (i.e., assisting us in securing community resources for scholarship offerings as well as other program development opportunities)


Sharon Smith Banks, President Jeanette Harris, 1st Vice President Patricia A. Jackson, 2nd Vice President Crystal E. Harris, 3rd Vice President Sonuel Ivery-Smith, Recording Secretary Laneze Jackson, Asst. Recording Secretary Myrna Hardin Thomas, Corresponding Secretary Coutanya Coombs, Ph.D., Treasurer Sheila Floyd, YPD Director Jacqueline (Jackie) Knight, Historiographer/Statistician Elodie Davis-Killins, PME Director Constance (Connie) Quarles, Parliamentarian Georgianna (Georgia) McKeever, Worship Director Azalea Carter, Member-at-Large Andrew Coleman, III, YPD President


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Third District YPD President Andrew Coleman

Third District YPD Director Sheila Floyd


To empower YPD’ers to walk in the calling that God has given each of them, to make a meaningful impact in their communities through mission work, education and leadership development.

As a cohesive unit, that is intentional about putting children, youth and young adults first, we will build a bond of youth empowerment. We will empower children, youth and youth adults for success by ministering to their spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional needs.

Making an impact in Local Communities with Random Acts of Kindness – Sharing the Love of Christ and Celebrating Valentine’s Day. Young People donated cookies to Fire Stations and Nursing Homes, donated personal care items and snacks to youth shelters and gave candy bars and hot chocolate bombs to employees at a Juvenile Detention Center.

Empowering Youth for Excellence during the Virtual Leadership Retreat. This was an intergenerational immersive day of learning. The young people shared their gifts and talents as they served as hosts, moderators, prayed and introduced speakers. The Empowerment Sessions included: Centering for Leadership, Excellence Without Excuse, Something Within: Transformational Leadership, Financial Literacy and a Conversation with Bishop and Supervisor McCloud. Each Empowerment Session was engaging, captivating and informative.

Third Episcopal District Young People’s and Children’s Division (YPD)

Robert Killins III, Connectional Chair, International Awareness

Sheila Floyd, Episcopal YPD Director

Andrew Coleman III, Episcopal President

Tyra Teague, Episcopal First Vice President

Stephen Conner, Episcopal Second Vice President

Jalecia Claytor, Episcopal Recording Secretary

Chloe Hill, Episcopal Financial Secretary

Taniya Wallace, Episcopal Communications Secretary

Jada Dyer, Episcopal Historiographer/Statistician

Jasmine Banks, Episcopal Parliamentarian

Ciuanna Blake, Episcopal Worship Director



Third District RAYAC President Erin Youngue

The mission of the Richard Allen Young Adult Council (RAYAC) is to minister the intellectual (mind), physical (body), and spiritual (spirit), needs of the members of the AME Church.

Our Purposes

The fourfold purpose of the Richard Allen Young Adult Council includes the following:

  1. Discipleship – Bring young adults into a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ, teaching them how to live Christ-centered lives, and serve as Christian mentors to youths.

  2. Leadership Training – Develop young adults into Christian leaders within the AME Church and the community at large to effectively represent and voice the concerns of a new generation.

  3. Fellowship – Create and provide opportunities for Christian fellowship among young adults.

  4. Networking – Provide resources for young adult ministries within the AME Church and the community at large, while providing opportunities for young adults to use God-given gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God.


“I Must Be About My Father’s Business”

Rev. Dr. Mila P. Cooper

Third District WIM Rev. Mila P. Cooper, President 

AME/WIM is the official professional organization for women pursuing excellence in ministry in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and is the prophetic voice for parity and justice through advocacy and activism for women in ministry. The mission of the AME/WIM is to define, enhance, support, and expand the presence of women in ministry in leadership in the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.

The Third District Women in Ministry will be a prolific, prophetic and revolutionary voice for women in ministry.

President – Rev. Dr. Mila P. Cooper

1st Vice President – Rev. Jeanette Hubbard

2nd Vice President – Rev. D’Lynn Harrison

3rd Vice President – Rev. Madonna Gray

Recording Secretary – Rev. Edwinna Davis

Assistant Secretary – Rev. Cheryl Ruffin

Financial Secretary – Rev. Pamela Thomas Slayton

Treasurer – Rev. Linda Moore

Worship Leader – Rev. Shirley Lyons

Assistant Worship Leader – Rev. Dr. Aimee Anderson

Herstoriographer – Rev. Buena Dudley

Statistician – Rev. DeBora Duckett

Advisor – Rev. Debra Smoot

Ohio-South Ohio Conference Coordinator – Rev. Emma Barnes

Pittsburgh-West Virginia Conference Coordinator – Rev. Aisha Tate

North Ohio Conference Coordinator – Rev. Deia West

At Large Member – Rev. Maudie Murray At Large Member – Rev. Deborah Widget