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Our Leadership

Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III

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Supervisor Marlaa’ H. Reid

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Pittsburgh-West VA Conference

Rev. Thomas H. Fant

Pittsburgh District

Rev. Alton Dillard

West Virginia District

Ohio-South Ohio Conference

Rev. Dr. Betty W. Holley

Second Vice President, Connectional Presiding Elders’ Council

Rev. Dr. Melonie A. Valentine

Cincinnati-Dayton District

North Ohio Conference

Rev. Dr. Wesley I. Reid

Youngstown District


Rev. Dr. Jermaine Covington

District Treasurer

Rev. Dr. Felicia R. Bagneris

District Administrator

Attorney Arthur Harmon

General Counsel for the 3 rd Episcopal District


Dr. Elfred Anthony Pinkard

President, Wilberforce University

Dr. Michael Joseph Brown

President, Payne Theological Seminary

Mrs. Adrienne A. Morris

Trustee, Foundation Board, WMS

Dr. Derek H. Anderson

Secretary, Judicial Council, AMEC

Rev. Louise V. Jackson

General Secretary, Connectional, Women In Ministry

Mrs. Lyndia Mayo

Financial Secretary, Connectional Lay Organization

Ms. Ametta L. Reaves

Director of Lay Activities, Connectional Lay Organization

Dr. Willie C. Glover

Emeritus President, Connectional Lay Organization

Rev. Madonna Gray

Treasurer, Connectional Fellowship of Church Educators

Mrs. Yuolanda Murray

Scholarship Chair, CONN-M-SWAWO+PK’s

Mrs. Yolanda Snyder

Corresponding Secretary, Connectional MCAM

Rev. Dr. Otis J. Gordon, Jr.

Chairperson, Board of Christian Education

Rev. Dr. Karen R. Schaeffer

Director, Board of Christian Education

Mrs. JoAnn Harris

District President, Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)

Mrs. Quereda Covington

Young People’s and Children’s Division WMS

Brother Andrew Coleman, III

District President, Young People’s and Children’s Division WMS

Mr. Mark Mayo

District President, Lay Organization

Rev. Dr. Barbara Thompson

District President, M-SWAWO’S Plus PK’s

Rev. Peggy Turner

District President, Women In Ministry (WIM)

Rev. Thomas H. Fant

District Coordinator, Sons of Allen District President, Brotherhood

Rev. Dr. Alphonse Allen

District Chair, Evangelism

Rev. Edwinna Davis

District Co-Chair, Evangelism

Rev. Dr. Felicia R. Bagneris

District Church School Superintendent

Rev. Dr. Betty W. Holley

Columbus-Springfield-Xenia District

Rev. Micah C.T. Sims

District Director, Social Action & Community Development

Rev. Beverly Cofield

District Director, MCAM