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Bishop McCloud is inviting you to join him in South Africa, on November 22-December 2, 2023 as he tours Johannesburg, Soweto, and Cape Town.




3rd District Women’s Missionary Society

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Ohio-South Ohio Annual Conference Committee On Memorials



Pittsburgh West Virginia Annual Conference Opening Worship

Rev. Dr. Brandon A.A.J. Davis



Pittsburgh West Virginia Annual Conference Closing Worship

Rev. Vanessa Cummings








Welcome to the 3rd Episcopal District of the AME Church

ABOUT THE AME CHURCHIn the Western World that had its origin over sociological and theological beliefs and differences. It rejected the negative theological interpretations which rendered persons of African descent second class citizens. Theirs was a theological declaration that God is God all the time and for every body.

The church was born in protest against slavery – against dehumanization of African people, brought to the American continent as labor. The Mission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and environmental needs of all people by spreading Christ’s liberating gospel through word and deed. At every level of the Connection and in every local church, the African Methodist Episcopal Church shall engage in carrying out the spirit of the original Free African Society, out of which the AME Church evolved: that is, to seek out and save the lost, and serve the needy.





Presiding Elder Melonie Valentine

Cinncinati-Dayton District

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Elder Alton B. Dillard, Sr.

Pittsburgh – West Virginia District

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Elder Thomas H. Fant

Allegheny-Scranton District

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Presiding Elder Betty Holley

Columbus-Springfield-Xenia District

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Presiding Elder LaCreta Rutledge Clark


Cleveland District


Presiding Elder Louise V. Jackson

Youngstown District