Join us in safeguarding this opportunity, where the young and old come together, ensuring the success of the AME Church, the 24th General Conference while preserving a vital space for our community’s growth and unity.

3rd District AME Church: Transportation and Logistics Team

We’re thrilled to launch a campaign supporting the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) 3rd District Logistics for our upcoming General Conference. Much like a cherished local country club, our logistics effort is the vital heartbeat ensuring seamless transportation for attendees, fostering connections across generations. Join us in safeguarding this haven, where the young and old come together, ensuring the success of the General Conference and preserving a vital space for our community’s growth and unity. Your generosity fuels the logistics infrastructure, making every participant’s experience comfortable and memorable.

Our Vision

To create a seamless and inclusive transportation experience that fosters connections, unity, and belonging within the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) community during the General Conference, ensuring that attendees of all ages and backgrounds can participate fully and comfortably.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide efficient, safe, and reliable transportation services for dignitaries, clergy, church leadership, and observers attending the AME General Conference. By prioritizing accessibility, inclusivity, and community spirit, we aim to preserve the tradition of the General Conference as a unifying event that brings people together across generations.

Our Process

We will develop an effective plan by creating a methodology including the following tasks: > Needs Assessment: > Logistics Planning: > Communication and Coordination: > Training and Support: > Financial Management: > Continuous Improvement: By following this process, we aim to realize our vision of creating a transportation system that not only facilitates the logistics of the AME General Conference but also serves as a catalyst for connection, unity, and community spirit among attendees.

Positions we need to fill

The transportation team at the AME General Conference plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations and a seamless experience for attendees. From drivers to greeters and operations personnel, each position contributes to the success of the event.


This person is responsible for transporting attendees to and from the airport and facilitating shuttle services between volunteer hotels and the convention center, ensuring timely and safe travel arrangements throughout the conference.


Welcomes arriving attendees at the airport with warmth and hospitality, providing assistance and guidance to ensure a smooth transition into the conference experience.

Operations Support

Manages crucial aspects of conference logistics including communications, scheduling, financial coordination, and venue logistics to ensure efficient transportation operations throughout the event.

Field Support

Provides on-the-ground assistance and oversight at key locations such as the airport, volunteer hotels, staging areas, overseeing sanitization efforts, parking management, and ensuring security protocols are upheld to guarantee a seamless conference experience.

The transportation team at the AME General Conference seeks dedicated individuals for various roles. Drivers will facilitate travel to and from the airport and shuttle volunteers between hotels and the convention center. Greeters stationed at the airport will provide a warm welcome to arriving attendees. Operations personnel will manage communications, scheduling, finance, and logistics. Field support members will ensure smooth operations at key locations, including the airport, volunteer hotels, staging areas, and oversee sanitization, parking, and security protocols. Join us in creating an unforgettable experience for all conference participants!